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A Versatile Lady With Multi Talents

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There are very few people who are born with multi talent skills. Anikka Forbes is one of those people who have been earning a lot of popularity and respect from the world. She is a great personality who has got a good grasp in film industry, book industry and modeling.  She is an actress, author, model, TV show host and a lovely personality. The reason for her amazing success is her passion and creative skills. She always tries to do new things and attempts to do them with perfection. She is really a hardworking woman who has a variety of skills. This is the reason why she is also called as the “Lady of Variety”.

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Read the biography of Anikka

Annika is a very interesting personality and there are lots of people who are interested to know more about her. The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline is her biography in which all the major chapters of her life are described. Her biography gives the detailed insight about her life right from her birth to how she has gained publicity through TV commercials, music videos and in various short films. Anikka is a Nigerian–British actress model. Her ancestral trace will take you back to the royalty background thoughts.

Watch her shows online

Annika has her own YouTube channel.  You can watch her shows online at anytime, subscribe for her shows so that you don’t miss any.  You can even get the collection of her videos including the commercial ads, short movies and Big Brother 2017 audition video on her official website.

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