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Hire Grip Truck Equipment At Affordable Prices

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Filmmaking requires a lot of equipment for an effective shoot. A grip truck is mostly used in South Florida as it contains all the essential elements required for filmmaking. For perfect lighting for shooting, there are many essentials well-arranged in a grip truck. The experts such as Mighty Grip and Lighting have experience on how trucks are built exclusively for the film and television industry. The grip trucks are designed by a professional crew delivering an efficient system in a demanding and dynamic workplace.

Essentials in a grip truck

A grip truck contains essential equipment like frames and overheads, stands, flags, hardware, electric items, expendables, scrim set, etc. Grip truck equipment is the best fit for feature films,web series, music videos, television episodes, documentaries, etc. With well-arranged grip trucks and lighting equipment rental services, filming and production become easier resulting in an enhanced shooting experience.

Types of Grip trucks available

Small scale productions-For small-scale shootings like an advertisement or a photoshoot, one-ton sprinter van is sufficient. It is the smallest package offering adequate equipment,grip, and electric crew in South Florida at affordable prices required for small-scale production.

Extra equipment – If your production scale is higher than low cost productions, you can order 2-ton sprinter van having extra grips and electric gear. It also includes Kinos, LEDs, rigging equipment, and HMI’s.

Large scale productions – The 3 ton to 10-ton grip package is suitable for large-scale productions. The kit comes with wide range of grips, rigging equipment, Dollies, and Jib Arms, EU Generators, Sliders, electrical and distro gear, LEDs, HMIs, and Kinos.

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